Monique's Horse Baskets

For several years Monique has been making what can best be described as "holiday baskets" for the mounted units of various police forces. Currently, this includes the Providence Mounted Command and the Franklin Park Rangers (Boston). The Boston police Mounted Unit was also a part of this program until they were disbanded a few years ago. Between the two departments there are about 16 horses.

"What", you might ask, "do horses enjoy in their baskets?". There are many commercially available horse treats, a selection of which is included. Among them is the deliciously sounding "Stud Muffins". Then there are the apples (three or four varieties, sometimes more), and of course carrots. There's the odd protein bar (Odwalla), sweets, and cookies all in a nice bed of hay.

The cookies are homemade. One of the horses - which shall remain nameless to preserve medical privacy - is allergic to soy, and most commercially available cookies contain soy... They usually get peanut butter, oatmeal raisin, ginger snaps, and vanilla.

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